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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Name: Jake
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Aspiration: World Famous Doodler

Jake is best described as being as intelligent as a shoe that forgot it was a shoe. He means well, but when push comes to shove, he's just a complete idiot. He's a bit of an artist, so if you were to give him a pencil and a pad of paper, he's go a bit mental and draw you, then a female version of you, and then proceed to draw them making out...
A fan of any computer game that involves shashing your opponent into tiny little peices with a sharp pointy stick, Jake will quite happily wipe the floor with you in any virtual sword fight, and he sometimes compares real life to these games. He holds grudges for about five seconds before he loses hope and just forgets about them. In reality, he is a kind a gentle person. He'll only pull out his replica Master Sword when he is angry or stressed or when he really needs to defend someone or something.
Currently singe, he searches for the ultimate doodle. Probably explains why he's single.

Name: Lloyd
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Aspiration: Graphic Designer

Lloyd is Jake's best friend from childhood. Rarely away from Jake's side, Lloyd makes sure that Jake doesn't kill himself. Although Lloyd is usually a kind person, his sarcasm and ego can sometimes get the better of him. Also a fan of drawing, Lloyd tends to be more of a designer than an artist.
Also a big fan of games, he'll sit and play anything that is related to gaining EXP and finding the ultimate weapon for his Android Hunter (and himself in reality). A bit of a robotics fanatic (and a questionable love for Darth Vader), Lloyd will talk to you forever about the latest technology. However, his lack of scientific intellegence and general concentration has not allowed him to build any of his robotic designs.
Lloyd is in a realtionship with Alice, but he doesn't spend as much time with her as she would like.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Name: Alice
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Aspiration: None. Just wants to sit home and draw all day.

Alice is the kindest, most intelligent and normal person in the entire group. She's the only girl who chooses to freely hang out with Jake and Lloyd without fear of embarassment. She's an extremely talented individual who lives only to please those around her.
This girl enjoys her music. She will listen to anything, but she will listen to Muse as much as she wants to. She won't go on about them, but she enters a trance-like state whenever a song produced by her favorite band is heard. She can produce the greatest peices of art, and still think of them as "a load of shit", much to the dissaproval of Jake and Lloyd.
Alice is in a realtionship with Lloyd. However, she feels that Lloyd doesn't try to be a good enough boyfriend as much as he used to. Unfortunately, it is something she has gotten used to.

Name: Gareth
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Aspiration: General Annoyance

Gareth is Lloyd's younger brother. He can get extremely irritating, and only wants attention. He's a good guy, but he holds grudges like fat kids hold onto twinkies. Like his brother, he can be sarcastic, however he combines this with a mind in the gutter and a severe knowledge of any RPG he plays. This makes him the world's most annoying fanboy.
He is the doodling rival of Jake, but keeps it quiet. He also appears to be severely hyperactive. Although he is still in high school, he still finds time to squeese in the extra hour of gaming he needs.
Single and his family are scared that he is homosexual. He claims he's not, but everyone knows anyway.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Name: Walker
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Aspiration: NASA Scientist

Walker, along with Alice, is in tune with his common sense. And, practically like everyone else, he is in tune with his sarcasm. He's very handy when it comes to inventing, but he can lose his temper easily. Although he can easily rip people to shreds in an argument, he's actually a great guy.
When he's not trying to built some kind of contraption to pull Jake out of a situation he's thrown himself into, Walker's looking into space, looking into galaxies and searching for the meaning of life by searching the skies themselves... Or something like that. He's a severe astrofanatic, and he wants to be the first to meet life from outer space.
He is in a relationship, but he fears that if he lets his girlfriend anywhere near these people she might run away.

Name: John
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Aspiration: Computer Games Programmer

John is the ultimate gamer. If there's a puzzle you can't solve, he'll tell you how. If there's a jump you can't make, he will. If there's a fight to be won in the battlefield, he will be there to pull victory out from his victim's hands.
In fact, John is so good at them, there is no game out there he can't beat. He's got so bored of the legendary difficulty of Halo, and he's begun to develop a taste for creating his own brand of difficulty in the world of Computer Games Programming. He's developed games that only he can complete. And when he beats each game... He goes and produces a more difficult one! He has snet designs off to the best of all the games companies in the world, na deach reply the same... The game is just too hard.
John is single. His heart belongs to his games.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Name: Jefferd
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Aspiration: To become a millionaire.

Jefferd is the most laid back person you will ever meet. Even more so than the man who laid down for the longest period of time. However, this skill is the only thing that is keeping him from reaching his dream of becoming a millionaire.
Jefferd is a huge fan of FPS games, but this doesn't mean he's a gamer. His life revolves around his car and his gadgets, and occasionally he has time to help out his friends. He's even managed to get his hands on duplicates of the Beam Sword in Halo 2, after much convincing to Walker.
Jefferd keeps quiet about his love life. Nobody knows if he is dating or not, but as nobody has seen evidence of a girlfrind, we assume he is single.

Name: Texx
Age: 24
Occupation: TV Presenter
Aspiration: Pro Skater

Texx co-hosts the Clouds TV hour. They show ranges of things from the news to sports, drama to comedy!
Texx is the more spunky of the two TV legends. He shows the world that even in the most dire situations, and in the most boring ones too, there is always a reason to smile in amazement and say "This may just be the greatest thing you shall ever see on TV!" Of course, he isn't like this at all in reality. All Texx wants to do is skate and program websites in his spare time.
He and Dickie live in the same apartment, and any attempt to get a girlfriend is ruined thanks to Dickie's antics at home.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Name: Dickie
Age: 25
Occupation: TV Presenter
Aspiration: Sock Production Manager

Dickie hosts the Clouds TV hour. They show ranges of things from the news to sports, drama to comedy!
Dickie is the brains of the show. He's the one who keeps the viewers transfixed to the screen. His wacky antics and strange love of socks will keep you intoxicated. Surprizingly enough, this is actually what he's like outside of the show. He has this wierd fixation of socks that can only leave a man confused.
He and Texx live in the same apartment, and for some reason, his liking of socks sends girls far far away from the flat. Texx doesn't like this for some reason.

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